Jane Christian, Head of Business Science

I’ve been at MediaCom almost all of my working life, starting out as a graduate 16 years ago. I’ve headed up the Business Science team for the last 6 years and I feel proud to lead such a talented group of individuals.

My days are usually varied and hectic! I always have a lot going on, so I’ll start the day looking over my to do list and planning what I need to do or prepare for the rest of the day. A typical day might start with a catch up with one of my direct reports. We have these every 2-4 weeks and we discuss how their client work is going, whether they have enough resource and how their teams are doing.

I spend a lot of my days in meetings with very different agendas. A lot of these will be internal, discussing how Business Science can help other teams within the business. Other times I might be discussing new tools and systems that the team is developing. Or I’m frequently involved in agency new business pitches, focusing on measurement and what outcomes our plans will deliver. Pitches can take a up a lot of time, but I get a real buzz from working on them as you get to work with the best people from all across the agency.

When I’m not in a meeting, I might be writing a proposal for a new client project, helping my team finalise a presentation for their client and of course doing a spot of admin here and there! 

Adam Bailey, Senior Econometrician

I started my life at MediaCom 4 years ago as a grad fresh out of university. I’ve now reached the dizzy heights of Senior Econometrician and all the responsibilities that come with it. My time is currently split into 3 areas: regular client work, managing digital attribution projects and tool development.

A typical day for me usually starts around 9am as I stroll into the office coffee in hand. The next 10 minutes is catching up on any emails that may have come in overnight from clients or our 3rd party digital attribution partners overseas. My team usually then has a brief catch up to run through what we need to deliver today and jobs are split between the 3 of us.

Given my role looking after the running of the digital attribution projects, I have to spend part of the day checking with our tech team that all required data has been supplied to the relevant attribution providers for the day prior. It’s then up to me to manage any delays that may occur with the client and attribution providers.

I will then usually get stuck in to some econometrics work for my main client - a major furniture retailer. This could be formatting data, building econometric models or performing follow up analyses and writing presentations depending what stage the latest project is at.

I also do a lot of the tool development work within the team when required. This could be programming tools to help the team with the model building process or even developing client facing tools such as our MOT.

There’s always been something new going on that I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in to keep me on my toes in the 4 years I’ve been with MediaCom. It’s really helped my progression and my own personal development.


Amy Humphreys - Junior Analyst

It is hard to describe a day in the life of a Junior Analyst- it is very rare that two days are ever the same.

My role sits within the Manchester Business Science team. There are currently four of us in the team, and having the responsibility of not only looking after our Manchester office, but also the Leeds and Birmingham offices, keeps us pretty busy!

My time is usually split between working on large clients projects and supporting the planning teams with any ad-hoc requests or questions they may have.

If I am working on a client project my day may be spent collecting and formatting data, building models or creating a presentation to feedback to the client. The main client I work on is Co-op Insurance, however I have gained experience working on a range of different clients and sectors, where every project is different.

During quieter periods my time is spent fulfilling my role as ‘Finance Expert’, by gathering useful case-studies and industry news, and also looking into new methodologies and techniques.

Our team has recently moved to sit within a larger measurement team, alongside the Quantitative Research and Tech teams. This has widened my opportunity to learn new skills, and also provided us with the opportunity to work collaboratively on some projects.

The varied nature of my role means that I am constantly faced with new challenges, which means I am constantly learning and developing. 

Tom Bladskog, Business Analyst

I’ve just passed my one year at MediaCom. I’ve learnt so much, proably more than I realise myself.

I divide most of my time between our two core businesses; business analytics/dashboards and econometrics.

Since our projects are divided in to three main parts; data collection, econometric modelling and presentation building my daily tasks vary according where we are in a project.

A normal day can be spent reviewing and organizing data sent through from a client or modelling – trying different variables to derive the client’s business performance.

In terms of our business analytics this tends to work in cycles where we update reports when new data is available either from the clients or our data suppliers. 

Another day can be spend using one of our dashboard building tools called Tableau to create a new data visualization that can bring a client’s data to life in a different way, thereby enabling new insights.

The key about working in Business Science is that there is great variation which enables you to grow as an analyst


Rowan Morris, Graduate Econometrician

Along with my two fellow grads in Edinburgh’s Business Science team I have just celebrated my first MediaCom birthday, and couldn’t have imagined the challenges that we have tackled during this time.

Our team currently consists of six members, making it relatively small compared to our other UK counterparts. However, this means that we each tackle a diverse range of analytical challenges on a regular basis, with ad hoc client demands frequently outweighing planned projects. I personally prefer my workload to be as mixed as possible (probably because I have quite a short attention span!) and luckily my role has its roots in variety.

A lot of my time is spent creating interactive dashboards using Tableau data visualisation software. One client in particular requires a daily update of their dashboard. I therefore start most days by pulling sales reports from several online retailers, scraping price data using Python and then dropping this data into SQL in order to update this dashboard. That is about as predictable as my day gets! From then on I usually spend my time assisting with analysis and presentations creation for econometrics projects, updating other client dashboards and dealing with ad-hoc client requests.

This year has been an incredible learning experience, and I look forward to honing my skills in the future!

Andriana Argyropoulou, Graduate Analyst

It’s been a year now since I joined MediaCom Edinburgh, although I have to admit that time has passed by very quickly! Being part of the Business Science team in a media agency- surrounded by account teams- makes you feel somewhat unique. Everyone calls you “The brains of the company”! Most of the time it’s flattering, but also means expectations of what we can do are always high!

This year has been very challenging for me. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of Econometric projects for Subway, which is the main client that I am working for, but also on Dashboarding and other ad hoc analysis as and when it’s needed, something which gives great variation in my everyday working life.

As far as my team is concerned, I feel really lucky that I have so great people around me! They are always happy to support and help me progress my skills. I couldn’t ask for more…

Sophie Pass, Senior Business Analyst

Having just surpassed my third MediaCom Birthday, I’ve finally come to realise that there is no such thing as a “typical day’s work”. The only truly typical part of my day is how it starts: like most people the first thing I do on coming in in the morning is sifting through my emails and prioritising the work that needs to be done for that day and the week ahead.

Other than that, what I do for the rest of the day is anybody’s guess! My key client is Subway, and we work incredibly closely not only with the planning team but also directly with the client themselves. Not only do we carry out constant econometric analysis for them throughout the year, but are also heavily involved in the day-to-day running of their business, helping them make key business decisions through various forms of analysis. I consider myself fortunate to have the best of both worlds: not only do I have the predictability and constant challenge of our longer-running econometric projects, but I also have the unpredictability and need to think on my feet as and when the client requires me to!

I’m incredibly lucky to be working within a really fantastic team up here in Scotland, and I learn something new from them every day. We’re always looking to challenge each other and all have our own strengths, which makes up a really successful, driven team that produces fantastic results.

Samina Mann, Business Science Manager

Time has flown by in the 6 years that I’ve been at MediaCom – starting out as a Graduate Econometrician and working myself up to a Manager. My responsibilities range from looking after my client by overseeing the project and ensuring we deliver on time, managing my team including career progression and training, marketing for the department (internally and externally) and recently, looking after the finance side of things for my department.

 Like for most people, my day usually starts with checking, sending and replying back to emails which helps structure my day, week and even month. I will then sit down with my team and go through together what needs to be achieved by the end of the day and week depending on which stage we are at with the current project and who is responsible for what. I then start going through my to-do list for the day. Ultimately, I work with my team to deliver technically robust but also great work that is both insightful and relevant by ensuring we have answered key client questions but also actionable for the client and the planning team. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your client actively engage and advocate your work and use it to make important marketing decisions.

 I have learnt a tremendous amount over the years from how to build robust and intuitive econometric models to how to deal with challenging client questions and conversations. But it hasn’t stopped there as I am still continuously learning from everyone that I work with on a day-to-day basis as well from all the training available at MediaCom and from the many experienced econometricians in the department. This is one of the reasons why I love working here – everyone is so supportive and are always willing to take time out from their work to teach someone something new.

Jamal Senouci, Senior Analyst

To answer the question “what do econometricians do?” -  probably spend too much time explaining what an econometrician is. As a result we call ourselves analysts up north. We get less blank expressions but we don’t sound as cool, I haven’t yet made my mind up on whether it’s worth it.

I joined the Business Science team in Manchester 10 months ago having previously worked in Dubai and London. Our team in Manchester is responsible for Business Science across the three northern MediaCom offices - Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds - which tends to keep us pretty busy. The unique feature of the work at MediaCom vs previous roles is how varied the analysis can be; so although econometrics makes up a large part of our offering we are constantly developing tools better suited to specific client needs. Right now we are working hard to fuse attribution modelling with econometrics.

In terms of my typical day, I will start like everyone else by checking and responding to emails. What comes after this is not so predictable. In my team there are two graduate analysts that are highly skilled and independent which makes my job relatively easy. I focus on structuring the conceptual framework for what we want to achieve and make sure that we have everything we need to deliver on time. The most interesting part for me is when consistent patterns begin to appear in the data that we can then translate into a useful story for the client.

Supriya Toor, Graduate Econometrician

I joined Business Science in August 2015 and as of yet, I have not had a typical day. I actually interned here during my second year at university and I loved it so much, I knew that I just had to come back! It’s been a steep learning curve – with everyday throwing new challenges in my direction. I’m currently working on a client within the pharmaceutical industry so I’m constantly working on multiple projects at the same time, which span a variety of markets globally – it is very interesting to understand how different markets function.

On top of client work I am currently studying for the IPA Foundation Award and I’m part of the info gathering team - we collate industry news and articles and present these back to the department in departmental team meetings.

I’ve also been very recently assigned as the outdoor media expert within the department. As the outdoor media expert, I am responsible for collating key insights across all our clients and I am now also the point of call for any questions regarding outdoor media – be it from within Business Science or elsewhere in the company. So I am looking forward to submerging myself in all things outdoor in the coming months!