Business Science UK win Bronze for our work with Corsodyl in the 2011 IPA awards

In 2007, Corsodyl was mainly purchased on the back of a staggering 96% dental recommendation. It had only 4% penetration and low awareness. However within the medicated mouthwash market, it achieved a 41% share.  Within 2 years of the campaign, we had helped Corsodyl to double its brand size achieving a positive short term ROI which doubled in the long term and grew the overall market by 33%.


Between 2005 and 2007 Corsodyl ran their 'Dont Ignore Blood' campaign with the message that bleeding gums are not a harmless result of good brushing but a sign of gum disease. The advertising recommended that people spoke to their dentists, in the knowledge that they would recommend Corsodyl. In 2007 this campaign was showing signs of wear out. Our research showed that once people find something that treats a health problem, they rarely switch brands. Therefore to grow, we needed to grow the size of the market. Our research also showed that over 14m people suffered from bleeding gums, however only 1.4m had treated their gum problems with medicated mouthwash in the previous 12 months.


We needed to encourage people to treat their gum problems. We ran a multimedia campaign to make people more aware of the importance of gum health. The campaigns shocking headlines grabbed peoples attention and by offering information and advice we were actively helping people make an informed choice. 


The fully integrated communications plan doubled the size of the brand in 2 years. The overall market grew, however at the same time, Corsodyl's share of the market increased from 41% to 59%. This was a result of attracting almost 1 million new buyers. The campaign delivered a positive ROI in the short term, which doubled in the longer term (2 years after the campaign).