Current Vacancies

Do you have a numerical degree or statistical experience? Do you have a passion for marketing and analytics? Do you think you have what it takes to inform some of the biggest brands on how to get the most from their marketing investment? If so, we'd like to hear from you, please apply via one of our current vacancies:

Manager - London office - Click here to apply

Senior Econometrician - London office - Click here to apply

Econometrician - London office - Click here to apply

Junior Data Scientist - London office - Click here to apply

Experienced Hire Selection Process

For our experienced roles we will first invite you for a chat with a member of the senior team.  We want to get to know you as a person and understand what you are looking for from your next role.

We will then invite you back to present us a piece of work you are particularly proud of (sensitive information removed of course!).  We want to understand what you can bring to the team to help us grow and develop over time.

Graduate Selection Process

Our selection process isn't just about your technical ability. We are looking for people with a special mix of skills - technical skill coupled with personality, and our selection process is designed around testing your skills in both these areas.

1. Telephone Interview

Prior to the telephone interview you will be asked to complete a short excel based data analysis task, which you will present back during the interview. This is to test your ability to read and manipulate data to answer basic questions.  We will also ask you a number of questions about your interest in the role and our company.

2. Face to Face Interview

On passing the telephone interview, we will ask you to come to our office for an interview with at least 2 of our senior team members.  A few days before the interview you will be given some time series data on which to answer a short brief, similar to what we do on a daily basis here at MediaCom Business Science.  You will be required to present your findings back to us in the interview. The interview will also consist of a brief econometrics test to ensure you have the basic skills required for the role.