Comms Tracker: Quantifying the impact of media on Brand Metrics

Comms Tracker is a bespoke modelling tool that allows us to isolate the impact of media at driving brand metrics. When integrated with our Economiser work this allows us determine the influence of media on response in the long term. By understanding the role of media over the short to long term, we are able to advise on the optimal strategy to grow brand health and sales.

Key Questions that we can answer with Comms Tracker:

  1. What is the impact of communications on tracked brand metrics?
  2. What is the minimum level of spend to grow brand perception?
  3. What is the most effective media or message type to grow brand equity?

Key Outputs that we can deliver with Comms Tracker:

  1. Index of the impact of communications on soft brand metrics by media or by campaign
  2. Forecast of brand metrics based on communications budget