Digital Attribution provides an understanding as to the true incremental value that each channel, media partner or placement has played in producing a conversion or a sale. This is a fairer way of apportioning credit across digital communications and hence a more accurate insight as to what we should be doing to improve performance versus last-click measurement.

We believe the key to successful attribution is consistent digital measurement NOT ad-hoc modelling. In order to achieve a complete view of communications performance, these results must integrate with more top down analytics such as Economiser, bringing together attribution across both online and offline media.

Key Questions we can answer with Attribution are:

  1. What is the true value of digital media channels?
  2. How do I create efficiency through better digital media plans?
  3. How should I optimise my digital media channels?

How we get the most out of Attribution for our clients:

  1. End to end Project Management
  2. Identifying goals and on-boarding data 
  3. Access to bespoke UI displaying all results
  4. Ensuring links to automated channel technology platforms
  5. Delivering insights and recommendations