Graduate Econometrician

Job Description

Objectives of Business Science:

Business Science is MediaCom’s dedicated analytics team. Each member of the team should see themselves as an ‘analytical problem solver’, pulling insight from data at all stages of the consumer’s purchase journey.

The primary focus for Business Science is measuring the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing activity. Through this, the team should identify actionable recommendations to improve future planning, which should be fed into the Comms Planning and Connect teams, as well as directly to clients. The team is very client facing, so building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is key.

Outside of pure effectiveness measurement, there are a number of other analytical services that Business Science can support clients and other MediaCom functions with. It is important in this area that we are constantly identifying the current questions that our clients and colleagues face, to ensure we employ our efforts as the agency’s ‘analytical problem solvers’ in the right areas to really make a difference.

Objective of Role:

A graduate econometrician is responsible for supporting the team on the data collection and modelling aspects of an econometrics project, under the guidance of a Senior Econometrician. A key part of the role centres around working collaboratively with the project team, but also liaising with other key MediaCom functions.

Graduates within Business Science will have a keen analytical mind, being naturally inquisitive, and will show good attention to detail in all aspects of their work.


General Tasks:

  • Play a key role in the data collection, checking and manipulation part of a project
  • Liaise with clients where appropriate to resolve data issues
  • Work in a structured manner with data and calculations, avoiding mistakes
  • Show a keen attention to detail, delivering accurate work
  • Input data into EViews, build/update basic econometric models and perform all necessary diagnostic tests
  • Quantify models and input into ROI calculations
  • Pull out actionable insights and trends from the analytics and modelling
  • Put together simple slides summarising key outputs of analysis

People responsibilities

  • Provide day to day support to project team
  • Work collaboratively within own team, and across other MediaCom functions


  • Basic understanding of the different media channels and the industry
  • Academic knowledge of time series econometric modelling
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Competent user of Microsoft Word and Power Point, to enable preparation of draft presentations, memos and client contact reports


  • Show an inquisitive approach to work
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to talk about complicated statistical techniques in a language that marketers will understand


  • The efficient and accurate completion of the data phase of a project
  • The successful building / updating  of econometric models to a basic level, demonstrating accuracy and sound intuition
  • Key contribution to the overall successful delivery of projects


 If you would like to apply for this role, please send your CV and a cover letter to Business Science and we will contact you to progress you application.