Job Description

The Business Science function in Manchester sits as part of a brand new team which amalgamates three previously separate measurement teams; Business Science, Quant research and the Data & Tech team.  The aim of bringing together one 3D Measurement department is to give us greater scope when trying to solve client problems with data and analysis. There would be the opportunity for the right candidate to work across all three functions. The Manchester office is responsible for analytics across the client base in the Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham offices.

Objectives of Business Science:

Business Science is MediaCom’s dedicated analytics team. Each member of the team should see themselves as an ‘analytical problem solver’, pulling insight from data at all stages of the consumer’s purchase journey.

The primary focus for Business Science is measuring the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing activity. Through this, the team should identify actionable recommendations to improve future planning, which should be fed into the Comms Planning and Connect teams, as well as directly to clients. The team is very client facing, so building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is key.

Outside of pure effectiveness measurement, there are a number of other analytical services that Business Science can support clients and other MediaCom functions with. It is important in this area that we are constantly identifying the current questions that our clients and colleagues face, to ensure we employ our efforts as the agency’s ‘analytical problem solvers’ in the right areas to really make a difference.

Objectives of Role:

A Manager is responsible for the day to day running of their client’s analytics and their team of analysts. This involves everything from taking the original brief to delivering the key insights from the analysis. It requires a combination of leadership, communication skills, media expertise and technical rigour.

The Manager’s primary concern should be to produce insight driven reports that provide clients with key actions to improve their business whilst maintaining technical excellence.

General Tasks:

(all in addition to Senior Econometrician role)

  • Project management
    • Co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of a project
    • Define project objectives and communicate these to the team
    • Draw up detailed project plans and keep projects on track accordingly
    • Manage workloads across clients and the team
    • Take the lead in regularly updating internal teams on project status/learnings
  • Understand marketing strategy and business issues across clients
  • Oversee and ensure technical excellence within team
  • Ensure that internal teams are fully trained on BS work and always kept up to date
  • Show the ability to identify and deal with client issues before they get out of hand
  • Identify ways to grow projects/Business Science Income
  • Be aware of the profitability of projects
  • Take lead responsibility for a significant area of development for Business Science to ensure its growth and development

People responsibilities

  • The ability to delegate upwards and downwards, and to co-ordinate between groups and disciplines
  • Take the responsibility alongside your AD or Director for the development of junior team members
  • Assist with objective setting, coaching and training
  • Identify knowledge gaps and training requirements
  • Be proactive in working closely with relevant teams internally and externally
  • Forge strong client relationships and ensure that BS work is getting in front of the right stakeholders
  • Understand, manage and then exceed the client’s expectations


  • Full knowledge of all Business Science key software, industry and internal tools, and best practice ways of working
  • Strong people and project management
  • Be able to sell in and deliver all key Business Science tools
  • Keen awareness of media developments 


  •  Be challenging in their work, always consider new approaches 


  • On time delivery of all work
  • Insightful client debriefs of excellent quality
  • Client retention and growth
  • Successful development of junior team


  If you would like to apply for this role, please send your CV and a cover letter to Business Science and we will contact you to progress you application