The not so new world of emotional advertising

The world of advertising is rapidly changing. The industry is now realising the importance of creating content which compels consumers to share and engage with media – in a day and age where individuals only have an 8 second attention span. These changes in the market have opened up a whole new form of advertising – emotional advertising; where adverts are focused on sparking an interest in the advert itself and the John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon campaign is the a prime example of this.

However the concept of emotional advertising is not as new as everyone perceives it to be. Here at Business Science, we have already studied the importance of brand in the decision making process and how brand is often used as a proxy for trust. Findings for an Insurance provider show that brand plays a greater role in comparison to other sectors – with brand accounting for 23-26% of the decision making process. More recently, in our work with Thinkbox, we have been able to identify the difference in consumer’s responses to want and need products. Additionally, in recent work for a retail client we have been able to identify that the ROI was much higher on ads which triggered an emotional and rational response in consumers. 

To further the understanding of the importance of emotional messaging, MediaCom have partnered with Realeyes, in a new piece of tech which monitors facial expressions whilst consumers are watching a video. This has the potential to feed into our systems thinking approach, allowing us to provide further insights on creatives in addition to the insights we already report - such as creative wear out. 

Point of view by Supriya Toor, MediaCom Business Science.