We've been shortlisted for 2 awards!

We have received some exciting news in Business Science – we have been shortlisted for 2 entries in this years Marketing Week Awards! It is for our work on Thinkbox and Skoda.

The Thinkbox Project: ‘TV Response: new rules, new roles’ is the most thorough and complete investigation into response in the current market. It investigates how communications work in the minutes, days, weeks and years post exposure. Crucially it focuses on how response has changed in recent years as device ownership has changed. Importantly, Thinkbox wanted to understand the full effect TV and other channels has on the communications system. There is a huge depth of findings from the project which have the potential to change how we plan TV in the future. We were able to prove that on average half of the response from media is delivered in the longer term, up to 2 years from the campaign being aired. In addition, in the short to medium term (up to 3 months post campaign) TV drives response across the whole communications system. It drives response across all sales channels; it drives social interactions; it enhances the effect of social media and it drives brand health and sales in the longer term.

Our work on Skoda, incorporates our Economiser and Proposition Optimiser tools to demonstrate marketing investment effectiveness across the key media channels and messaging to consumers.

We're looking forward to the announcement of the results on the 12th May!