YouTube Launches Bumper Ads

Newly-launched bumper ads, which are non-skippable and last only six seconds each, aim to offer an improved YouTube experience on mobile.

Google have recommended that these short, sharp ads are best used to reinforce a larger YouTube campaign centred on longer video formats that last between fifteen seconds to one minute. In initial Google tests, these “snackable” ads drove strong lifts in upper funnel metrics such as recall, awareness and consideration while giving the campaign opportunity to reach more viewers and drive frequency.  Taking into account all MediaCom benchmarks, Business Science have seen that VOD delivers a positive uplift per £ spent when driving brand metrics, although this is less than traditional broadcast channels such as TV, radio and print. 

Google also recently reported that 50% of 18-49 year olds use mobile devices to watch videos, and that “the control, personalisation and ease” a smartphone can offer means that viewing habits are changing. Of course then it makes sense that the optimal campaign media mix and the format being used to deliver mobile media should also evolve, and YouTube are not the only company conscious of adapting formats to make mobile advertising more effective. Business Science have seen an increasing number of clients integrate mobile advertising into their media plans.

Content VP of Snapchat, Nick Bell, recently explained at Advertising Week Europe how brand research revealed that 50% of people forced to watch an ad built up negative sentiment towards the brand. He added that “a lot of research in the market place shows that attention spans, particularly on mobile, are much lower. Getting the message across in four, five, six seconds is far more powerful than stretching out content.”

Bumper ads became available via the Google AdWords auction this month, so we’re excited to see the results from our own client’s as the format becomes integrated into more and more YouTube campaigns.