Proposition Optimiser: Optmising your Products Proposition

Proposition Optimiser is a tool that allows us to define your products key attributes in the eyes of the consumer. Using conjoint techniques and a survey based approach we ask respondents to select the most attractive offer based on brands and key attributes. Once we have a robust set of results we are able to define which attributes are the most attractive which can then inform your product planning and media messaging. In addition, we integrate the findings into our econometrics work enabling us to optimise to drive the maximum response.

Key Questions we can answer with Proposition Optimiser:

  1. What are the features of my product that make people buy?
  2. What is the optimal attribute mix to optimise sales?
  3. What is the optimal price point?
  4. What market share can I gain with different product offers?

Key Outputs that we deliver with Proposition Optimiser:

  1. Quantification of each attribute
  2. Recommendations for optimal mix of attributes or optimal pricing strategy
  3. Scenario forecast tool