Media Synergy: The multiplicative effect of a cross media campaign

The concept of media synergy has been around for years. Media synergy arises when the combined effect or impact of a number of media activities is greater than the sum of their individual effects on consumers. Thus, synergy is a phenomenon in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

A number of factors will influence which media channels fit the job for the campaign. The impact of the media in combination with other media is one of these key factors. Using a statistical approach, we detected this synergy for a major healthcare brand by demonstrating that when TV is aligned with other media channels the combination drives additional sales uplift above their individual contributions. However, this “synergistic bonus” is different depending on the combination in question: TV/Digital gets the highest boost followed by TV/OOH, TV/Radio, TV/Press and TV/mags respectively. This allows us to choose the combination with the biggest impact on sales. 

The synergistic effect can extend beyond just combinations of two channels. When we build in diminishing returns we can optimise the right combinations to maximise the return from the marketing investment.