The econometrics work produced by MediaCom Business Science has given us a far clearer understanding of our marketing effectiveness and impact across all forms of communications. Because the model looks at both customer gains and losses we get a complete picture of this impact, which provides us with the accountability and clarity of return on investment that we need to inform and optimise our plans
— Head of Marketing, Utility provider

MediaCom’s analysis of our digital content activity and particularly Facebook has provided us with the answers we needed to justify the investment in these channels as well as focus our strategy so that we are ensuring that we maximise the engagement we have with our target audience and fans
— Brand Manager, Confectionary company

The analysis that MediaCom now provides for us is integral to our communications planning and driving our business forwards. It allows us to understand the impact of each channel and helps us make the right choices to deliver the most optimal plan dependent on objectives
— Marketing Manager, Travel company

The econometric modelling has become an integral part of our communications strategy, providing a constant outlook on how regions have and are expected to perform up to the date of switchover. Without the monthly insight, it is highly likely we would have missed the later date awareness targets in Central A.
— Director of Communications, Public Sector

MediaCom’s econometric modelling work helped us deliver our most effective campaign of 2010 and drive our sales volumes in a high-risk period. Critically, they ensured that we had the right balance of Brand Awareness and Call to Action messages in place on TV which delivered the lion’s share of our sales attributable to advertising over the World Cup period.
— Director of Media Strategy and Planning, Media Owner

MediaCom handle the econometrics projects that they carry out for us in an extremely collaborative way. Despite the media planning/buying and the analytics not being under one agency, the openness in which all parties approach this work and the recognition that we are all working to a common goal ensures the continued success of this work.
— Head of Customer & Marketing Insights, FMCG Retailer